rpmbt15-09 Header

Welcome to RPMBT15.

The 15th meeting of the series International Conference on Recent Progress in Many Body Theories (RPMBT15) will take place in the Department of Physics at The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH from July 27-31, 2009.

On July 26, the sunday before the conference, there will be pedagogical tutorials by G. Kotliar, S. Mathur, M. Randeria and S. Sachdev.

The Conference continues the series initiated in Trieste in 1978 and is devoted to new developments in the field of many-body theories. The focus is on the development and application of theoretical methods and computational algorithms driven by a strong experimental motivation for quantum many-body systems arising in diverse subfields of physics. A central event of the Conference is the Feenberg Award Session in which the nominee will receive the 2009 Feenberg Medal.

To view the previous meeting of Recent Progress in Many Body Theories (RPMBT14) click here.

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline:              June 7, 2009
Registration Deadline (early payment): June 15, 2009

* The abstract deadline has been extended to June 7, 2009.


Confirmed Speakers

* Doerte Blume (Washington State)
* Jordi Boronat (Barcelona)
* Kedar Damle (Tata Institute, Mumbai)
* Eugene Demler (Harvard)
* Sean Hartnoll (Harvard)
* Naoki Kawashima (ISSP, Japan)
* Gabriel Kotliar (Rutgers)
* Dean Lee (NC State)
* John McGreevy (MIT)
* Walter Metzner (MPI, Stuttgart)
* Nicolay Prokofiev (U. Mass. Amherst)
* Sandro Stringari (INFM-BEC,Trento)
* Subir Sachdev (Harvard)
* Thomas Schafer (NC State)
* Ulrich Schneider (Mainz)
* Achim Schwenk (Triumf)
* T. Senthil (MIT)
* B. Sriram Shastry (UC Santa Cruz)
* D. Son (INT, Seattle)
* Shina Tan (Yale)
* John Thomas (Duke)
* Matthias Troyer (ETH, Zurich)
* Ashvin Vishvanath (Berkeley)
* Martin Zwierlein (MIT)
* Wilhelm Zwerger (Munich)

Organizing Committee

Eric Braaten   
Richard Furnstahl
Tin-Lun Ho  
Mohit Randeria  
Nandini Trivedi (Chair) 

Scientific Program Committee

Ray Bishop, Manchester
Jordi Boronat, Barcelona
Eric Braaten, OSU
John Clark, Wash U., St. Louis
Richard Furnstahl, OSU
Antoine Georges, Paris
Tin-Lun Ho, OSU
Naoki Kawashima, ISSP, Tokyo
E. Krotscheck, Linz
Krishna Rajagopal, MIT
Mohit Randeria, OSU
L. Reatto, Milano
Subir Sachdev, Harvard
Sandro Stringari, Trento
Nandini Trivedi, OSU